Support Agreement Epr Bullets

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– Blew put by CDC A – Strengthened HEDC COOP Phase II; pvd`d critical it server support – $4.6 million in savings from AFMC – Excellent! Management of 22 critical kts worth > $37 million with only two years of 22K staff exp-supported! – 22 contracts worth $1.6 million; supports 13 units/22K personnel-zero mission delay – Autored 9Mil Acquisition Plan for Roofing kt; before the selected peers for design-zero deviation in the CEG roof support – Head shift of the exceptional LED layer in the correction of more than 500 pod sensor and 300 support equipment shifts – FTI Bare base trng organized class; past CCO trng reqmt`s-vital e Support/Info for 15 CCO warriors – 12M. Managed supplements govt pers–supported 18K powered/military in industry – assiduous; 300 M50 Masked waterproofing tests to support the use of important survival devices – Dynamic Amn!oversaw 33 kts worth $3.8M USD; Saved on 115K — raised QoL of 13 sqds/40K prsnl joint – Drove 21K Remedy ITSM kt; 2-week shortened std acq— improved Info-mgmt Capes for over 15K mbrs – Fiscal Steward; attack`d AF kt Closeout Tasker; closed 11 kts / 3M – Restoration 20K accelerated historical mural; neg has led to savings of 3K gov – the 84%/cost premium time reduction of 16% – 55K server/IP software extension; The updated server capacity of 50%-support 352K JBSA mbrs – Websense program negotiated mx kt; Secure web access established for AF 500K users — stored AFPOA 3.5K – Directed 195K AF Portal Helpdesk proj; 100% perf-threshold obtained by ktr-critical supt for 544K prsnl satisfied – Excellent 15K hydraulic purchase; negotiated cost savings of 33K–replaced 12 FTW 14 years old hardware – 86K coordinated software Red Hat kt; updating secure access to the AFPC HQ 24/7/365 ops capable of being eligible for MILPDS – the “Go-to” buyer of Team Lead; 20 EOY actions have been implemented – 12% reduction in the cost of gov/flt eOY workload by 25% – 4 construction contracts worth $16 million; Shortened steps of 120 days for start date – Closed 15 kts/2Mio; Excess funds repaid at 4 HHQs/2 msn-Partner for/EOY rqmts – in accordance with CC`s #1 policy – Coord` 148K Cisco Domain Upgrade; sw/hw to meet secure data access w/PCI rqmts for AFSVA – Red Hat Red Hat reqmt renewed; Improved secure access to the MILPDS-vital system at HQ AFPC 24/7/365 ops – JPPSO phone system reintegrate kt; 4 years of life-saving assistance for 4 countries/236 counties-150K 150K annual moving – 26 servers; Replacement costs 38K for the HQ AFPC computing center – modernized network access for >600K – Led CCO trng; 56 m2 on the execution of the priority rqmts f/initial/build-up Phases–prep`d Amn f/AOR Mission – Coord`d 35K AETC Furniture Contract; 23% cost savings – jobs created in the new PACE organization – leasing of photocopiers closed; coordinated donation of used printer to local church – saved gov`t 400/saved church 12K – Drove 74K McAfee Security S/W contract; PCs protected by the DoD Agency`s interoperability for 800K users – 8.5 K acquired syncfusion; Scape 30% encoding enhancement stabilizes promotional testing platforms for 190K mbrs – accelerated microphone acquisition; neg`d early delivery f/tops in Blue–verhindert25K Yrly cost/leased by CC – Mastered CDCs; got 90% at the end of the exam course/completed 20/24 7-lvl basic tasks in 5 mos-ready f/deployment – Bought 160K Red Hat Linux; ensur`d AFI/DoD/Security tech compliant-upgrad`d operating sys fer 2K prsnl – Supply 8.5K Syncfusion rqmt; 30%-stabilizes enhanced promotional test platforms for 250K mbrs – managed VTC upgrade worth 54K; Improved surgeon HQ AETC general communication w/ all doD-stored 31K – Contracts 10 sq / 350K; 100% of the targeted file management initiative – Spearheaded ISSP kt — guaranteed technical assistance for the foreign F-16 flight program — allied trainers in 29 countries – Processed spending 391 expenses/arrears worth $1.4 million; e-mx rapid delivery delays in ouP/OUD support – Execution 25k 388 AID RANS kt; The UTTR rocket targets the pvd`d/short-term–2012 AF WSEP 100% success – Known LHA Authority; 12 separate product support elements audited – Sustainable Development Plan and Direct Transition