Objective Assessment Skills

If you have little experience in assessment or would benefit from refreshing your skills you may like to consider these skills-based workshops. I run a series of fun and engaging workshops to help build your skills in objective assessment, deliver feedback, run a competency-based interview, and design an assessment centre.

The following workshops are designed to help you develop your capability in all aspects of supporting at Assessment Centres:

A. Objective Assessment Skills
B. Delivering Feedback
C. Competency-Based Interviewing
D. Assessment and Development Centre Design

A. Objective assessment skills

A highly interactive workshop suitable for HR professionals and line managers who are to act as assessors/observers at assessment or development centres.

Course Objectives:
• To understand the principles of effective assessment
• To understand the underlying principles of a variety of assessment exercises
• To observe and record a presentation/role play/written exercise
• To interpret, classify and evaluate notes
• To write up post-assessment reports
• To discuss the wash up and decision making process

• Duration: 1 Day
• Price Per Person: £395.00

B. Delivering Feedback

A very practical workshop suitable for HR professionals and line managers who will be delivering feedback to participants following an assessment or more generally as part of the role.

Course Objectives:
• Define what feedback is and the barriers to giving and receiving feedback
• Apply best practice in giving motivational and developmental feedback
• Recognise the potential reactions to feedback and apply techniques to deal with these reactions

• Duration 1 day
• Price Per Person: £395.00

C. Competency-Based Interviewing

The Competency Based Interviewing Skills workshop provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assess and understand a candidate’s capability against a set of competencies, and make informed selection decisions.

Course Objectives:
• To highlight the importance of making good selection decisions
• To identify key behaviours to measure essential competencies
• To prepare for a competency based interview
• To practice interviewing skills
• To evaluate data
• To make objective selection decisions
• To review and close

• Duration: 1 Day
• Price Per Person: £395

D. Assessment and Development Centre Design

This two day course will help you to design and deploy an effective and valid assessment centre for your organisation. It focuses on best practice and considers up-to-date assessment solutions. Real-world challenges and case studies are used to illustrate the benefits that an assessment centre can bring to both your organisation and your candidates.

Course Objectives:
• To manage the logistics and scheduling of assessment centres
• To train assessors
• To effectively design assessments
• To understand interviews, case studies, in-tray exercises, group exercises, etc. and their contribution to the candidate assessment
• To build a solid understanding of the role of psychometrics
• To effectively evaluate assessment centres.

• Duration: 2 Days
• Price Per Person: £645 (non-residential fee)