Case Study: Management Workshops

July 16, 2012 | Posted By: | Case Study |

The Leadership Group of the DWP Information Directorate were keen to develop management skills in their managers EO – > Grade 7. The level of instruction (telling) needed to be reduced and the amount of coaching and delegation (asking and working with) needed to be increased. The overall effect of this would be to change the predominant culture to more of a collaborative, pull-style environment as opposed to an autocratic, push-style environment. They decided it would be beneficial to conduct a blanket Management Programme to bring everyone up to a basic level.

The recommended approach was to design a 3 day programme to allow enough time to cover core management principles as well as skills practice. The programme included 3 core modules, Communicating Effectively, Providing Leadership and Managing Delivery. I co-designed and facilitated several workshops. In total, over 100 people attended the Management Skills workshop in a 6 week period.

The results regarding the facilitator skills and workshop content were overwhelmingly positive. The project sponsors were very pleased with the outcomes as the management style of the division started to drive a cultural change.

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