Case Study: Leadership Development

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Holiday Break realised that they would have to bring in senior leaders outside the organisation to fill vacant roles in the future if they did not take action to develop their in-house talent. External recruitment would be costly exercise and may expose the business to a level of risk given the importance of knowledge of the travel sector to the success of their business. They conducted a succession planning exercise and identified 8 – 10 high potential senior leaders who they wanted to retain in the business and move them into Director and Board positions in the future.

An 18- 24 month executive development programme was developed aimed at building internal leadership capability. It provided participants with an individually tailored, learner-centred experience including group/team development activities and utilising methodologies of psychometric testing, development centres, individual coaching and action learning. I was the Coach for 4 of the 10 leaders. The coaching programme included a contracting meeting followed by a 90 minute coaching session every 3 months over an 18 month period.

All Directors maintained active development plans that were reviewed at each coaching session. 360 degree surveys were conducted following the 18 month programme and in all cases a positive behavioural change had occurred.

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