Case Study: Job Analysis and Competency Design

July 25, 2012 | Posted By: | Case Study |

A global division in American Express recognised it was losing good sales people and had to recruit externally to fill senior sales roles. They sought to introduce clear career paths for individuals to help retain the top performers and provide relevant development interventions to aid their progression. The organisation had already produced a robust global Sales Career Framework with complementary routes and transition points. There was a need to populate each tier with robust information about experiences, behavioural and technical capabilities.

I managed the approach to gather the data through visionary interviews with senior leaders and critical incident interviews with a range of managers to explore the behaviours, skills and experiences necessary to help realise the business’ strategy at each tier. A straw model was developed including gathered data and using in-house experience frameworks. The content was developed in line with best-practice (differentiating performance, concise definitions, Amex language, discrete categories, observable). The model was presented to focus groups for validation and further refinement through an iterative process. The final framework was presented to the project sponsors and signed-off for roll-out. The framework was introduced into the business and gave individuals and managers a common language to discuss development and career paths. Retention figures increased and costs for external recruitment were reduced.

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