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For two years I worked with the Department of Education (Formerly DfES) to identify a talent pool from which a steady flow of people with the right competencies could step up to more senior roles either short or medium term. Although the department had a high number of talented staff its existing promotion panel was not identifying them. The panel process was open to inconsistencies and it was felt that an objective promotions process was needed.

A talent management process was introduced to provide a wider, more robust perspective on leadership potential. I designed a suite of bespoke work place simulations to allow candidates to demonstrate the relevant leadership skills and a structured interview tailored around validating the relevant dimensions from SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire, which was completed on-line in advance of the assessment day.

The process significantly improved the efficiency and quality of the selection programme. Moreover candidates were given a realistic preview of the people management and leadership skills required in future roles in the civil service. Val Stevenson, DCSF’s Head of Talent Management and Skills, said: “In previous promotion exercises, we received very mixed feedback about using independent validation of our internal assessments. Following this new process, feedback was very positive and consistent with hardly any appeals from candidates. This reassured us that the new process was seen as equitable and fair which was one of our chief goals.”

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