Chauffeur Service Agreement

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5. If the customer does not arrive at the agreed meeting point at the agreed time, he cannot reach it personally or by phone within the agreed waiting times and has not informed the Daetz service of his delay in writing or by telephone, 100% of the transfer fee is charged and the order is deemed executed. [Sender.Company] assumes responsibility for the provision of an appropriate limousine occupied by a competent driver for the day and hours specified in this contract. [Sender.Company] will not be responsible for delays or cancellations of limousine services due to weather or other unpredictable events. “rental period,” the period indicated in one booking and indicated on the other period, or within the agreed time frame. 3.1. Payment of the fees agreed in third-party contracts (agency, hotels, etc.) implies a good performance of the services provided. 1.8. We work with other limousine companies that work with the same standards of quality and efficiency. If the vehicle and/or driver is booked for the day reserved for the performance of the service, the company will organize a replacement vehicle of the same class and/or higher level for the customer. All additional miles or waiting times are left to the driver`s discretion and are subject to additional charges, in accordance with information provided by the Royal Chauffeur Group. An agreement on increasing the duration of the rental may not be possible if the arrival on time to subsequent bookings is compromised. 2.2.

If your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes compared to the scheduled arrival time, the customer must notify our booking service by phone at 39-02-8719-6344 to ensure the presence of one of our drivers on arrival. If no contact has been made between the customer and the driver, our drivers are advised not to wait more than one hour of the landing time or the expected date of a flight. The driver then leaves the meeting place and the service is billed in its entirety. 3. Additional benefits are billed separately. Unless otherwise agreed, prices do not include incidental costs incurred in connection with the order. 6. Daetz-Service is authorized to charge a customer fee and fee and, as a result, charge up to 2/3 of the bill amount by the customer no later than one week before the execution.

In addition, Daetz-Service has the right to prepare partial counts for services already provided. Our goal is to provide our high-level services. Please contact us if you have any complaints or suggestions. In the event that a passenger (in the driver`s opinion) performs unacceptable behaviour, we or our driver may refuse access to that passenger to the vehicle or cancel the contract of that booking or stop providing this service, even if they are not completed.