Case Study: Assessment and Selection

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E.ON UK Retail recognised the need to create more value for customers through significantly improving customer service, so that this would become a point of differentiation for customers compared to its competitors. Customer service representatives, led by team leaders and section managers were the first point of contact for E.ON UK Retail’s customers. The challenge was to assess the team leaders and section manager’s current skill sets and ensure that any gaps identified were addressed through appropriate training programmes.

Through dialogue with the E.ON UK project sponsor, I led a project to measure performance through an Assessment and Development Centre and observe individuals in simulated workplace scenarios. Some 409 team leaders and 90 section managers were assessed through 36 Assessment and Development Centres taking place at several UK locations within a three-week period. E.ON managers had been trained up to provide the sufficient number of assessor support.

Since the Assessment/Development Centres, E.ON UK Retail has experienced an increase in employee satisfaction with its leadership and further targeted support has been given to creating a high performance culture by developing skills in feedback and coaching for performance. A review and matching of management skills to the right team size and process area has improved the ability to resolve a customer’s issue on the first occasion and productivity improvements are evident. There has been a tangible shift in the culture of the business to become more performance-focused. Managers work with visibly raised energy levels, now understanding more fully what the business requires of them; coaching has become an integral part of their roles, while self-reflection and on-the-job learning are positively encouraged throughout the organisation.

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