Business Psychologist

Julia Frances Norman   Julia Norman

I am an experienced, independent, Chartered Occupational Psychologist based in the Lancashire area. My area of expertise is in Talent Management and helping organisations identify, develop and retain Talent. I have particular experience in helping people build their capability through rigorous assessment and coaching.

I review current selection and development tools and process. This ensures you attract and identify the right people for your organisation.

I identify ways to improve employee performance and drive increased engagement. This allows you to deliver more value from your workforce for competitive advantage.

I measure capability and identify leadership potential. This allows you to make the right hiring, promotion and people investment decisions.

I design workshops to help individuals build the skills aligned to your company strategy. This keeps Talent in your business and maintains a healthy leadership pipeline.

I deliver training for in-house professionals to build their assessment and development skills. This improves organisational capability, empowers individuals and helps manage cost.

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